Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Print Counting Project and other Apple Activities!

I recently did a whole bunch of activities in my class using apples.  First we read a story called:  The Little Red House With No Doors And No Windows And A Star Inside.  I first heard about this story from my co-worker and thought it was adorable.  This story describes an apple.  I also found the story on The Virtual Vine .  We then cut the apple in half horizontally and we found a star inside.  Remember that when you cut the apple you have to cut it horizontally or you won't see the star.

We then proceeded to do some apple tasting.  We tasted different colored apples (red, green, yellow) and graphed the one we liked the best.  We also tasted apple sauce and apple juice.  We then graphed which way they liked apples best (apple fruit, apple juice, or apple sauce).  Most of my students enjoyed the apple juice!  My kids disliked the apple sauce because it looked like baby food.  

We also created apple prints to go along with our apple theme and integrated math into it by adding seeds to our prints.  The star shape didn't come out on our prints so after our initial print we then stamped a star shape on top of it.  We wrote numbers in the center of each apple and cut black construction paper to make the seeds.  The number of seeds on the print matched the number on the apple.  

Here's the final product:  


  1. I found your posters on teacherspay teachers. Would love to see your math posters.

  2. Can you send me your CCSS math posters?

  3. Can you send me your CCSS math posters? Thanks =)