Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Must Have Songs For Your Kindergarten CD Player & How To Download Songs and Videos from YouTube

We all know that kindergarteners love to move and can't keep still for very long.  My solution for this is MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!  I use music for everything: transitions, cleaning up, learning new concepts, lining up, you name it!  I've accumulated so many CDs over the years that its become time consuming when I have to find a particular song that I need.  So...I've compiled all of my favorites onto one CD and this stays in my music player at all times.  

If you are trying to compile your own mixed CD, here's some suggestions:

1.  It's a Brand New Day  by Jenneane Thompson:  I use this for morning transition.

2.  7 Days in a week Rap by Jack Hartmann:  Great for calendar time.

3.  12 Months In a Year by Harry's Kindergarten:  Great for Calendar Time

4.  Hip Hop To The Alphabet by Jack Hartmann:  Alternative to the regular ol' ABC Song.

5.  Who Let The Letters Out by Dr. Jean:  Great Movement Activity to break up your morning routine.  Click here for my previous blog post about this song!  I've also made a free song chart that goes along with this. 
6.   Number Rock by Greg and Steve

7.  Counting by 5's by Jack Hartmann:  Great Movement activity.

8.  If you're a kid by Harry's Kindergarten:  Great movement activity when your kids are restless.

9.  Chicken Dance:  My kids love this dance!

10.  Jack Hartmann's Get on Board the Transition Train Songs (Buy the entire CD, it's great for classroom transitions)

11.  It's time to clean up by Harry's Kindergarten

12.  All About Helpfulness by Harry's Kindergarten (I use this song for clean up time after play centers.)

13.  We Walk to Our Seats by Harry's Kindergarten (transition song)

Unfortunately not all of these songs are available for purchase online.  I'm still waiting for Harry's Kindergarten (awesome youtube videos) to come out with CD's so that I can buy them all up, but I think he is working on it!  In the meantime, for songs that I like on YouTube and are not available for purchase I download these songs using a website called:  It is my secret weapon to downloading educational videos and songs from YouTube or the internet.  My school blocks me from accessing many fun and educational videos.  

Here's the steps to use

1.  Find the link of the site that holds the video or song you would like to download and copy the link.  

2.  Paste the link into the text box on then click on the download button to the right of the box.

3.  You may come across a pop up window that says:  "The website “” contains a Java applet. Do you want to allow the applet to load?"
 Click allow so that you can download the file.  

4.  It should then bring you to a new page.  Click on Download MP3 if you want the music file or click on download MP4 if you want the video file.  (Don't click on the buttons that say iLivid, because they are advertisements)

5.  Enjoy your new song or video!

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me!

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  1. Hello, I have downloaded your common core posters for kindergarten and was wondering if you could email me the math ones? :) I am not sure if this gives you my email or not. hmm I will come back and check. Thank you! Terra

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  4. Thanks for sharing my songs.
    -Mr. Harry