Sunday, February 24, 2013

All About My Teeth Book and Letter Vv Art

Oh boy...There's so much to cover this week!  February is coming to an end and I haven't even covered dental health yet!  We also have Dr. Seuss' birthday and Girls day (Japanese Holiday:  Hina Matsuri) coming up this week.  I feel so behind, but then again I'm a teacher.  When do I ever feel ahead? :p  

I wanted to share with you a book that I created for my dental health lesson.  It's a great addition to any dental health unit.  

It includes 5 Pages:
Front Cover
Egg Experiment
Healthy Foods For Your Teeth
Tools For Brushing
Healthy Smile

Click HERE to get my All About My Teeth Book from TPT.

We covered the letter Vv last week and wanted to share a quick and easy craft.  I gave 2 strips of paper to the kids and had them paste it on white paper to create the letter V.  The V is the vase and we watercolored flowers inside of it.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Week in Pictures: Valentines Day, President's Day, and Literacy Centers

Valentines Day Activities:

We used craypas to create our hearts.  We focused on the use of lines:  zig zag, wiggly, curved, bumpy, straight, etc.  Some students also experimented with blending the colors together.  After they finished, students measured their heart with unifix cubes.  

We made Bee Mine cards for our families.

We made heart bags to hold our Valentine's Day cards and treats.

President's Day

We created a President's Day book

Literacy Centers

Playdough Center:  Making Sight Words

 Magnetic Boards:  Lakeshore Sorting Magnets

Valentine's Themed Letters & Beginning Sound.  This is part of Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten February Pack.  

Spin a sound

Syllable Counting

Write the Room

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is in the Air! Valentine's Day Card Freebie!

I just wanted to put up a quick post to share a freebie with you!  I am planning to have my kiddos write Valentine's Day cards to each other and needed some printable cards for my writing center, so I whipped some up this afternoon.  I'll post up more pics of our Valentine's day activities this weekend!

CLICK HERE to get it on Teachers Pay Teachers for FREE!

CLICK HERE to get this on Teachers Notebook for FREE!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kindergarten Fun on the 100th Day of School

We just celebrated our 100th day of school this week!  Throughout the week students brought in their posters with 100 items.  Students only used objects from home such as stickers, q-tips, cotton balls, leaves, magazine cut outs, beads, buttons, etc.  They weren't allowed to buy anything.  They created some really neat pictures.  I wish I had taken snapshots of them, but I completely forgot!  They used their objects to create a flower garden, our classroom, the ocean, a car, a rainbow, etc.    

We also kept track of the minutes that we were in school that day and gave away prizes every 10 minutes.  Each student received a ticket with a number.  I told the kids that every 10 minutes the timer would go off and I would call out 2 numbers.  Students with those numbers would receive a prize of their choice from the treasure chest.  At our 100th minute,  students whose numbers were called were the grand prize winners.  They chose a prize from the treasure chest and got to choose whether to have extra time on the computer or at play centers.

We then made self-portraits of ourselves at 100 years old.

We created 100th day hats.  I like using sentence strips for headbands.  I gave each student 10 strips of paper.  Students had to draw 10 shapes on each strip so that it would all add up to 100.  Then they practiced counting by 10's to 100.

After they counted their shapes by 10's, I stapled the strips together at the top to create a crown.

Click HERE  to get this 100th day hat topper for free!  

We wrote in our 100th day Journal

Click here to get this journal.

We worked on our 100th day book.  Students had to put a hundred items in their book.  We rotated to different centers to accomplish this task.  They had so much fun doing this!

 Click here to get this 100th day book.

 100th day book:  Write 100 ten times.

 100th day book:  Stamp 10 shapes.

We used a hundreds chart to create cereal necklaces.  
Click HERE to get this 100s chart for free.  

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