Sunday, September 8, 2013

Classroom Management: Classroom Library Organization

An area of my classroom that I really wanted to update this school year was my classroom library.  I put this off for a while because it seemed like such a huge task, but with the help of my wonderful husband, it only took us an afternoon.  I did some research to find the best way to tackle this job and I believe I’ve found the easiest way to organize any classroom library.  Trust me, if my kindergarteners can successfully borrow and return books, yours can too! 

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**Updated:  Freebie now Closed**
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Place a number label (included in pack) on each Library Label and on each individual book like this: 

Labeling them this way makes it really easy for kids to borrow books and return them to its proper place. 

My Library Cards includes 144 labels by:  genre, months, series, author, holidays, and leveled readers A-Z.  Each library label is 3"x4".  It also includes number and letter labels that you can print on Avery 5160 (1" x 2 5/8") address labels to place on each individual book.  

How To Use

1.  Print Library Labels on white cardstock.

2.  Cut and laminate them for durability.

3.  Print out number labels on Avery Standard 5160 address labels (1” x 2 5/8”).  The amount of number labels you print depends on how many Library Labels you will use.  Each bin/container/shelf/cubby you use will have a different number.  I use shoebox sized plastic containers to hold my books. Each label has 2 numbers on it.  Cut each label in half.  Each sheet of labels should have 60 numbers.  
4.  Place a different number label on each Library Label/Container.  Each book that goes with a specific Library Label should have the same number.  For example if you placed a number 2 on the Ocean Library Label, then all of your Ocean books should have the number 2 label on the bottom corner of the book.  I secure each number label with clear tape for durability.  This will help your students return books to their proper place.  This works wonderfully in my kindergarten class!  

5.  If you would like me to add a label that isn’t included in this pack, email me: and I'd be happy to help you!  Just give me a few days to complete this task!  As I add more labels to this pack, you can re-download the file for the updated version on TPT.

Hope this makes your library a little cozier!

Until next time,

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